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We believe that a clean environment attracts more customers, and a clean home is something to really be proud of.  We pride ourselves on getting the job done right - THE FIRST TIME!  With state of the art equipment and by using biodegradable chemicals, we achieve the highest level of clean possible.  The goal of XGI Services is to give each and every customer, big or small, 100% satisfaction guaranteed service.

Our Vision.

Our vision is simple.


Making our world a cleaner place

one parking lot,

one vehicle,

one building at a time!

It All Started...

XGI Services is a family owned business that was created in 2007.  XGI Sevices was founded by Bobby & Robbie Starr, while trying to figure out how to make more money and support their family in a failing economy.  The name of the business came to Bobby years ago, while serving in Desert Storm.  While laying on the front of his tank one night watching missile fly overhead he dreamed of owning his own business when he returned to the states.  He knew one day his dream would become reality and XGI was the logical name for what would be  one of the biggest and best endeavors of his life. With lots of support from friends and family XGI became a reality in 2007.  Things started out pretty slow at first, but within 6 months they had their first big contract and hired their first employee. With God's help XGI Services turned a profit in their very first year. It is now in it's eleventh year and still going strong.

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